George Kirikos unveils ownership

In an exciting revelation by President of Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc, George Kirikos, today’s tweet brought news about the recent acquisition of by none other than Brent Oxley, the renowned founder of This development adds yet another gem to Brent’s impressive portfolio of premium domain names.

The entrepreneur, who made a significant mark in the web hosting industry with the establishment of, later went on to sell the company. Since then, Brent Oxley has continued to make waves in the domain industry, showcasing a keen interest in premium digital real estate.

Brent now owns hosting company (sponsor)

Notably, this week also witnessed another noteworthy purchase by Brent Oxley – the acquisition of the premium domain name This strategic move further solidifies Oxley’s commitment to curating a diverse and valuable portfolio of domain assets.

For those eager to explore Brent Oxley’s expansive collection of domain names, a visit to unveils a captivating array of digital properties. The website serves as a window into the entrepreneur’s domain empire, highlighting the depth and breadth of his investment in this dynamic space.


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