1stRewards.com Sold for $10,000

Today: Appraisal of Japanesehairstyles.com / Looking for CVCV – Budget $200 per domain / InsigniaSeo.com Sold for $8,100 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of Japanesehairstyles.com – Check out this two word domain name. I’m not sure it’ll be worth much but I could see someone eventually picking it up.

Looking for CVCV – Budget $200 per domain – See if you have what they are looking. No numbers, no hyphens and it must be a dot com.

InsigniaSeo.com Sold for $8,100 – Curious seeing a seo domain sell so well. What do you think?

NFTFinder.com Evaluation – Talk about a catch. I could see this name going for four figures. Could have been more but the fad has passed. How would you value this domain name in today’s market?

Typo Domains Wanted – Budget $1,000 – They domain they want must be a typo, have traffic. They prefer GMAIL typos but they are open to anything.

1stRewards.com Sold for $10,000 – What a clean sale. Normally numbers do better on their own but Five figures is pretty nice.

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