Domain Name Registrations: A Glimpse into Recent Activity

This post takes a look at the recent domain name registrations by several well-known companies. While it’s important to note that not all domain registrations translate into active websites, they can sometimes offer insights into potential future endeavors or marketing strategies.

Here’s a breakdown of the companies and their notable registrations:

Ford Motor Company:

  • Number of domains: 3
  • Domains:,, FordParts.AI
  • Highlights: The registration of FordParts.AI suggests a potential exploration of Artificial Intelligence in the auto parts space.

Warner Bros:

  • Number of domains: 7
  • Domains:,,,,,, (Dutch for “We are all cocks”)
  • Highlights: The international domains (ie, sg, pe) and the seemingly unrelated Dutch domain “” raise questions about their purpose. These could be potential movie titles, anti-piracy measures, or even speculative registrations.

NBC Universal:

  • Number of domains: 10
  • Domains:, (French for “The Wild Robots – The Movie”),,,,,,,,
  • Highlights: The registrations related to Telemundo (Spanish-language television network) suggest regional expansion plans.


  • Number of domains: 1
  • Domain:
  • Highlights: This likely points to an internal event or conference for eBay employees.


  • Number of domains: 9
  • Domains:,, (various subdomains)
  • Highlights: The multiple registrations with slight variations suggest an attempt to secure various versions of the “mymoviecode” domain, likely for a movie promotion or redemption program.


  • Number of domains: 16
  • Domains: (Several technical-sounding names, including,,
  • Highlights: The majority of registrations seem related to internal testing and development, with a few potentially being personal registrations (e.g.,

Bank of America:

  • Number of domains: 77
  • Domains: (Numerous variations using “payz”, “paze”, “bofa”, etc., all related to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch)
  • Highlights: The sheer volume of registrations with similar branding suggests a very cautious approach to securing various domain variations related to their payment services. This could be to prevent typosquatting or brand confusion.

Fox Media:

  • Number of domains: 3
  • Domains:,,
  • Highlights: These registrations clearly indicate an online store expansion for Fox Sports merchandise.

It’s important to remember that this analysis is based solely on domain name registrations and may not reflect the companies’ actual plans or intentions. However, it can offer a glimpse into potential areas of interest and future endeavors.

Here are all of the domain names that we found registered recently using our sponsor (

Ford Motor Company – Registered –, & also FordParts.AI

Warner Bros Registered –,,,,, &

NBC Universal Registered –,,,,,,,, &

eBay Registered –

The Walt Disney Registered –,,,,,,,

Microsoft Registered –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bank Of America Registered –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Fox Media Registered –,,

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