LeafSnap.com Sold for $21,500

Today: CollegeSports.Bet Appraisal / Domain Wanted – Budget $500 /
Ecodesenvolvimento.org Sold for $8,100 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

CollegeSports.Bet Appraisal – Check out this two word dot bet. I could see this doing ok at low four figures, high three figures.

Domain Wanted – Budget $500 – They want it to be two words or brandable. Dot com, io, co are acceptable.

Ecodesenvolvimento.org Sold for $8,100 – Such a long domain name. Understandable why it went for the low four figures.

Evaluation of Clinicalrx.ai – Talk about an interesting dot ai. How would you value this domain in today’s market?

LeafSnap.com Sold for $21,500 – Nice and memorable domain sold for five figures. Would you consider this brandable?

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