DomainSherpa – Down The Rabbit Hole – March 7, 2024: NameJet, SnapNames & the Domain Aftermarket

As we say on DomainSherpa – all roads lead to domains. And in the reverse, domains has us venturing “down the rabbit hole” into different topics all the time. This is a tech-adjacent, digital asset, pop-culture, tangent-positive monthly podcast – with some domains stuff thrown into the mix for good measure.

In this episode, JT is joined by Drew, Matt Overman of Identity Digital, and Mike White of Newfold Digital to discuss the domain name aftermarket. Mike manages NameJet and Snapnames on behalf of Newfold, Matt and JT were both previous GMs of NameJet, and Drew was one of NameJet’s power users in the past and they all dive into the platform and how it operates in the domain aftermarket ecosystem. They also discuss the domain name lifecycle, different types of inventory on the platforms, how ccTLDs and gTLDs operate in the aftermarket, and a whole lot more!

So, tune in and jump down the rabbit hole with the Rabbit Hole Gang!

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