How to set up catch-all email forwarding at Squadhelp

It’s easy to find out who is sending email to your parked domain names.

Squadhelp recently enabled custom DNS settings on domain names. When you point your domain names to Squadhelp’s nameservers, you can now add MX and TXT records to those domain names.

One of the cool things this enables is to set up catch-all email addresses for your domain names.

With catch-all addresses, you can receive any email sent to your domain names. This is a good way to track non-web traffic to your domains and might indicate sales opportunities if people are confusing your domain with someone else’s business.

Here’s how to start receiving any email sent to domains in your Squadhelp account.

1. Sign up for offers a free tier with unlimited catch-all email address forwarding. That’s all you need to set it up.

Pricing page for includes a free tier.

It’s best to sign up using the email address you’d like to receive the forwarded messages. Remember that you might start receiving a lot of emails, so you might want to choose a mailbox you set up specifically for this purpose.

2. Get the MX and TXT records you need to add to your domain.

You’ll enter a domain name to get these records, but it doesn’t matter which domain at Squadhelp you enter. All mail sent to your Squadhelp domains will be forwarded. MX and TXT records

3. Go to the Custom DNS Settings in Squadhelp.

The Custom DNS Settings page lets you create MX and TXT records. Copy the data from and create the records at Squadhelp.

Squadhelp Custom DNS setting pages screenshot

4. Verify your settings in

Click the link in to verify that your DNS is set up correctly. This verification can take a while, so be patient.

Once the DNS change propagates, you’ll start receiving emails sent to any of your domains, such as [email protected], [email protected], etc.

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