CareerCast.com Sold for $66,000

Today: Nbaex.com Evaluation / Looking for Dot Com Domain – Budget $750 Per Domain / UNB.com Sold for $37,700 and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Nbaex.com Evaluation – What do you think of this short domain name? Would you consider it pronounceable?

Looking for Dot Com Domain – Budget $750 Per Domain – They are looking for a four letter domain name and it must be a dot com. Check you portfolios.

UNB.com Sold for $37,700 – Check out this three letter domain name. It sold well for five figures.

Appraisal of ContractsHunt.com – An interesting two word domain name is up for appraisal. How would you value this name in today’s market?

Dot Net Wanted – Budget $150 Per Domain – Check your domain portfolios for any dot nets. They are specifically looking for cvc, vcv or four letter dictionary word.

CareerCast.com Sold for $66,000 – A pretty solid two word domain sale.

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