Bagels.com Sold for $500,000

Today: CoinKa.com Appraisal / Looking for Dot Com – Budget $100,000 /
3539.com Sold for $15,750 and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

CoinKa.com Appraisal – Check out this interesting dot com. Do you think it has some value?

Looking for Dot Com – Budget $100,000 100k no mixing Either three numbers or three letters but not mixing letters and numbers. Check your domain portfolios.

3539.com Sold for $15,750 – Check out this four digit domain name sale for five figures.

Evaluation of Letsdraw.com – This cute domain name is up for evaluation. Do you think it has any value in today’s market?

US Traffic High traffic Domain Wanted – Budget $500com – Check your portfolio anything fitting in these niches; pets, fashion, skincare, sports/fitness, baby, or coffee. Plus high traffic.

Bagels.com Sold for $500,000 – Not often do we see such a high sale.

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