Dot Com Wanted – Budget $1,000 Per a Domain

Today: FUD.io Sold for $22,000 / Appraisal of Eat.gg / NUDA.com Sold for $23,000 and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

FUD.io Sold for $22,000 – Check out this short domain name. It sold surprisingly well.

Appraisal of Eat.gg – An interesting domain name in my opinion. I think it could be worth a little something with how short it is but dot gg doesn’t typically sell so well.

NUDA.com Sold for $23,000 – You would think a pronounceable, short domain name would do better.

Healthyhabiits.com Evaluation – How would you value this domain name? Misspelled names normally don’t sell well even with the dot com.

Dot Com Wanted – Budget $1,000 Per a Domain – They want it to have four letter and at least thirty extensions. Don’t forget it must be a dot com.

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