Hamilton.ai Sold for $60,000

Today: MowerCompany.com Appraisal / Looking for Dot Com – Budget $500 / TouristVisa.com Sold for $47,000 and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

MowerCompany.com Appraisal – Check out this interesting two word dot com domain. Do you think it has any worth in today’s market?

Looking for Dot Com – Budget $500 – They are looking for any three characters, any order so long as it’s a dot com. They’ll even consider names with hyphens but only taking one to two names.

TouristVisa.com Sold for $47,000 – A nice sale for a two word dot com. Do you think they could have held out for more?

Evaluation of INZ.AI – What do you think of this pronounceable domain name? I think it could do very well at auction.

Hamilton.ai Sold for $60,000 – Check out this solid one word domain name. Great sale for a dot ai.

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