Butane.com Sold for $19,755

Today: Domain Wanted – Budget $50,000 / VitaMindset.com Evaluation / Appraisal of JeepRent.com and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

VitaMindset.com Evaluation – Now in Italian it means life but in the United States it’s an acronym for volunteer income tax assistance. How would you value this domain name in today’s market?

Domain Wanted – Budget $50,000 – They want a one word premium domain name. It needs to be from the English dictionary and brandable. Do you have what they are looking for.

Workflow.io Sold for $10,601 – Solid domain sale for this two word dot io.

Appraisal of JeepRent.com – Always be warry of trademark infringement. While this has the ability to be a good name for a rental business it may not be worth the risk.

Looking for Dot Com – Budget $1,000 – They are looking for a cvcv domain name for a wholesale price. They didn’t make any specifications on what they want or don’t want.

Butane.com Sold for $19,755 – Check out this interesting domain name. IT sold well at auction today.

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