DomainSherpa Review – April 4, 2024: Come Sail Away

What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names?

In this show:
• The Sherpas play The Domain Game (starting at the 12:23 mark), where they guess what certain domains were bought and sold for by the Sherpas and discuss the reasons behind their evaluations. Today’s domains are Incredibowl.com, FOLA.com, and Parasail.io;
• They discuss lease-to-own deals and the need for other creative financing options for premium domains;
• They review a list of domains about to come up for auction on NameJet.com, including GPT.com, FreshFlowers.com, NiceRide.com, and Pickle.org;
• The Sherpas also discuss the strategy of acquiring alternate extensions of premium .com domains in your portfolio – and for a deeper dive into this topic check out the episode referenced by JT & Braden during this show, https://www.domainsherpa.com/dsr07202023/, (at the 35:24 mark);
• Also, DomainSherpa is now integrating with Muse.ai for episode transcripts and an AI-driven video player to easily look for topics, words, phrases, etc., and jump to the points in the video where they occur. Let us know your feedback!
• Plus, all DomainSherpa podcasts are now up on our YouTube channel at DS.tv and much more!

JT is joined by Josh, Jen, and Braden – so be sure to tune in!! – so be sure to tune in!!

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