Spatial Sidebar™ and Spatial Scrolling™

Today: Looking for Dot Xyz – Budget $1,500/ Domain / HiHonor.com upgrades to Honor.com / Preventing Fraud Reminder and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Looking for Dot Xyz – Budget $1,500/ Domain – They are looking for a one word domain name. It needs to have at least 70 registered extensions.

HiHonor.com upgrades to Honor.com – Check out this interesting change for a business. Honor finally got their premium domain name.

Preventing Fraud Reminder – Always best to stay on top of the latest scams to avoid them.

Kapble.com is for Sale – Check out this brandable domain name. Six letters isn’t short but at least it is pronounceable.

Spatial Sidebar™ and Spatial Scrolling™ – Making some site improvements at NamesPros with their new side bar and scrolling feature. What do you think?

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