Looking for Anything – Budget $100/ Per Domain

Today: Evaluation of LoveMatch.org / Hackers Alert / Check Out 101Domain and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Evaluation of LoveMatch.org – While dot com is still king, and would’ve been better, this is still a good find. They could at least be looking for offers at or over four figures.

Hackers Alert – Watch out for scams and hackers targeting South America. These guys are using suspended domains.

Check Out 101Domain – Check out 101Domain as they launch Domain dot Ai. Do you think it’ll be any good?

Domain Wanted – $1,000/Per Domain – Check you domain portfolio and see if you have what they want. It must be high in U.S. traffic.

LLL combinations Discussion – What does it take for you to consider a three letter domain name ‘valuable’? Does it need to be brandable, pronounceable, or in the dictionary?

Looking for Anything – Budget $100/ Per Domain – Whether it’s four letters or three or mixed with numbers, dot com or dot net they want it. They just ask that it be from some specific registrars.

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