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Vestis Gets Defensive

Domain Investing: Many companies defensively register or acquire domain names as part of a domain name defense strategy. The most common strategy revolves around securing domain names that could be used by bad actors for cybersquatting, phishing, or o…

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Set a Minimum Offer Amount

Domain Investing: I receive uneducated domain name purchase offers nearly every day. Some prospective buyers may hope to get lucky with a deal and some genuinely haven’t the foggiest idea that domain names sell for serious amounts of money. The …

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Keep on Testing

Domain Investing: Many years ago, I earned a Master’s Degree in Direct & Interactive Marketing. The focus of my program was primarily related to the field of Direct Marketing. One of the biggest takeaways from my program is the importance of… Buyer Opts Out of LTO Read more Buyer Opts Out of LTO

Domain Investing: Lease to Own deals have become quite popular at The buyer can pay for a domain name monthly over a set period of time while holds the domain name. If the buyer opts out of the LTO deal, the seller will receive the do…