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MAGA.com sale presents: The Great MAGA King

“The Great Maga King” was used by US President, Joe Biden, during a Democratic fundraiser in May. Referencing Donald Trump, Mr. Biden said: “Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was pre...
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Sedo: New gTLD #domain auction coming in July

Sedo, our premium sponsor, has scheduled a new gTLD auction for the coming weeks. During this opening phase, Sedo is inviting the submission of domain names for the following gTLDs exclusively: XYZ ONLINE APP SHOP PRO These, according to Sedo, have bee...
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Premium .XYZ domains: The official lists!

When bidding on .XYZ domain names at various platforms, do you know if the domain is premium? Some platforms, like Sav, ensure that the annual renewal price of .XYZ domains is visible on the auction bidding page. But several other marketplaces and expi...
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