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DomainTools scheduled maintenance next week

Using DomainTools, the quintessential domain WHOIS and research tool, is a must for domain investors. Sometimes they are required to make improvements and adjustments to the code, and that part requires some minimal downtime. DomainTools will be workin...
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Escrow.com hits $5 Billion dollar milestone!

Escrow.com, our premium sponsor, announced that they reached a tremendous milestone: $5 billion US dollars in transactions. The sheer number of transactions to reach $5 billion is mind boggling, and as an industry standard, Escrow.com delivers security...
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My domain name is Lukka.com

The UDPR against the aged domain Lukka.com was shot down at the National Arbitration Forum, after its Korean registrant and Respondent pointed out two facts: They registered and used the domain for the past decade with a registered business in Korea Th...
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