LogicX.com Sold for $21,750

Today: Appraisal of EmotionConsult.com /  BitHob.com is up for Sale   /Vidube.com Evaluation / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of EmotionConsult.com – This two word domain name seems like it could be useful with how online consulting is going. It is too vague though, to general to be brandable.

BitHob.com is up for Sale – What do you think of this brandable domain? It could be just what your portfolio needs.

Vidube.com Evaluation – It’s interesting and pronounce able. The wholesale appraisal was $35, but how does this effect its end user value? Well that depends on a lot of things.

.com Domains – Budget $100 – The key word is ‘AI’. They didn’t specify if they wanted it at the end or beginning so check your name portfolio.

LogicX.com Sold for $21,750 – This six letter domain name sold for six figures. It may not be short but besides the dot com it also has the one dictionary word working for it.

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