I Want to Enable Dreams and Dreamers.

Rick Schwartz Rick Schwartz: I want to enable dreams and dreamers and I have the unique vehicle to do that and do that in dozens of industries. I can all but guarantee them a seat at the table and will be taken seriously from day 1 if they are serious! It surprises me and saddens me that so few […]

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Rick Schwartz is frustrated that more entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of a great domain name to enable dreams and transform businesses. He has prime domains worth millions that he’s willing to lease very affordably to give promising startups a chance, but few see the opportunity.

Schwartz believes the current younger generations are too focused on short-term gains like nice cars rather than long-term visions. They lack critical thinking and math skills to evaluate domain names, which unlock brand potential, as prime virtual real estate.

He thinks the domain industry has failed to educate people properly that domains are not just letters but rather headquarters, locations, brands, front doors, cash registers, and sales tools. Memorable dot-coms open the doorway for all future business dreams.

Schwartz wants to empower young entrepreneurs and even held contests before, but found people today are too risk-averse and fail to spot the difference between good risks with big payoffs versus pie-in-the-sky risks. He aims to change mindsets so more dreamers can build on his domains to achieve greatness.

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