Energieausweis.de Sold for $19,715

Today: Appraisal of Youhacker.com / Domain Wanted – Budget $10,000 /
Melts.com Sold for $9,077 / and More…

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Appraisal of Youhacker.com – How would you value this two word domain name in today’s market? I could see it being worth a pretty penny.

Domain Wanted – Budget $10,000 – They are looking for something pretty specific. They’d like cvcv or vcvc that is brandable, or two words that make perfect sense together, or one word that four to three letter. It can be com, io, org, or net.

Melts.com Sold for $9,077 – This one word domain name sold for four figures recently. Surprising for a plural domain name.

MindNeeds.com Evaluation – This two word domain name maybe worth three to four figures. I would say more if it wasn’t plural.

Dot Com Wanted – Budget $50,000 – They are looking for two digit domain names. They really, really don’t want three.

Energieausweis.de Sold for $19,715 – Check out this nice sale. Considering how long this domain is and that it is a dot de it sold very well at five figures.

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